As for your Discovery Phaser, we understand that there may be some confusion regarding the Wave 1 Phaser and it’s Power Status Indication Window on the right side of the handgrip. As originally designed the Discovery Phaser 2 was to have had a Power Status Indicator Window on both sides as the Phaser was meant to be “ambidextrous”, however they found that as their actors were mostly right handed, and to save time finishing the props the Indicator on the right side of the grip was eliminated. The original version of the “ambidextrous” Phaser was used briefly in "Battle at the Binary Stars", however props constantly evolve on an active TV production, and a prop might look different from episode to episode. A fantastic example of this is on the original 1966 Star Trek series. Propmaster Wah Chang was constantly changing the look of the TOS Phaser 2 nearly every episode until he arrived at the look he was most pleased with which is what we all

picture when we think of the TOS Phaser today. But, as we know the white handled Phaser seen in “The Man Trap” morphed into a finished, classic TOS Phaser by the time we get to “The Conscience of the King.” Such is the nature of props in any active television production. As it is you have a first generation Phaser from the very beginning of Star Trek’s new era and one we’ll not be revisiting again.